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Scrum: 2 Books in 1 - The Ultimate Beginner's & Intermediate Guide to Learn Scrum Step by Step

By James Turner
$2.99 $39


Is your current method failing to help you achieve your aims? Do you want to increase speed and flexibility when delivering your product to customers? If so, this book will help you. Most business models need a software framework that can help them to be more efficient. Scrum is an innovative method of using collaborative teamwork to adapt to emerging realities in business and it provides not just a more streamlined approach that delivers a better product, but it also increases team motivation while increasing returns on investment. Now in this book, Scrum: The Ultimate Beginner’s & Intermediate Guide to Learn Scrum Step by Step, you can discover what Scrum could do for your business, with chapters that focus on:

Book 1:

  • Understanding the agile framework.
  • An overview of Scrum.
  • The 3 Main Concepts of Scrum
  • The benefits.
  • Scrum processes.
  • Sprint cycle.
  • The 18 KEY RULES of Scrum.
  • Tips for Scrum mastery.
  • Real-Life Stories of its Application.
  • Mistakes to Avoid.
  • And more…

Book 2:
  • How to get to grips with the basics of Scrum
  • Scrum teams and how they operate to maximum efficiency
  • Fundamental Scrum events
  • Using Scrum Project Management tools to best effect
  • Certification and training
  • And more…

Scrum is a book that takes a potentially complex set of principles and lays them out in a way that is easy for almost anyone to understand.. Developing your working practices using Scrum is something that can only ever improve the way you do business and increase your bottom line. Get a copy of Scrum today and see where it will lead your organization!

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