• Alice Submits to Wonderland

Alice Submits to Wonderland: A BDSM Futa Fairytale (Dark Seductive Fairytales Book 8)

By L.J. Stone
$3.99 $9

Alice Submits to Wonderland

Alice forced her tight little slit down onto the Queen’s c*ck…At the same time, she licked and nuzzled at the Queen’s large breasts.

Feel the pleasure and punishment of Wonderland…

Alice has a very dull life in England. Her spendthrift father has gambled away almost their entire estate, and her mother intends to wed her to the elderly Parson of their village.

Fearing the Parson’s amorous advances, Alice runs away into the woods. Following the trail of a white rabbit in a waistcoat, Alice falls down into a dark and secret world, unlike anything she’s seen before.

There, the Mad Hatter will introduce her to the concept of how pleasure can be increased by pain, and a caterpillar creature will train her body to accept penetration from objects of all shapes and sizes...

However, it is the Queen of Hearts that Alice must submit to entirely, if she wants to keep her head. The Queen intends to make a pet of Alice, so Alice can please her day and night in all the dark and depraved ways the Queen desires...

Do you dare follow the White Rabbit?

“Alice Submits to Wonderland” is a BDSM Futa erotic fairytale, 9,616 words. It is book 8 of the Dark Seductive Fairytales series. It contains first time sex, pet play, futanari, spanking and bisexual encounters. Intended for naughty and mature readers only.

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